The Freelance Bishops are a five piece jazz-funk outfit whose sound will get into your soul and make you get down. An infectious funk flavor is their foundation for improvisation and jazz sensibility. The Bishops' straight-forward, yet sophisticated approach to funk combines dance-able grooves with intelligent arrangements, melodies, and harmonic ideas. Add to that the five unique musical personalities with serious improvisational skills, and you've got an over-flowing cauldron of funk (not unlike the animated intro to this website!). The strong musical connections that exist between the members of this group allow them to play together in a dynamic relationship where the total is truly greater than the sum of its parts. The Bishops deliver a unique sonic experience that is based on super-tight grooves yet moves unrestrained so that it can really go places. It's music for your mind and booty.

The Bishops' repertoire demonstrates the wide range of styles which they explore while unmistakably creating the coherent Bishops sound. From boogaloo to R&B, and from hip-hop motifs to up-beat soulfullness, the Freelance Bishops bring the best of each genre together in a way like nobody else can. And with a keen sense of what is enjoyable for the both the band to play and the audience to groove to, the Bishops are sensitive to your music-listening needs! The Bishops' finely craft their funk with the funk-connoisseur in mind, but they also seek to innovate. The result is a sound that has a focus yet pushes the envelope. Speaking of envelopes, the Bishops are like the postmasters of funk - they deliver! Whether it be a slick interpretation of a classic cover tune, or the next new original composition, the Freelance Bishops deliver a sound that is strongly steeped in the groove but embraces improvisation in the true tradition of jazz.

The Bishops got their start 8 years ago in the historic mill city of Lowell, MA where they brought a new sound to an eager college audience but also became a part of the rich local scene. Since then, the lineup has evolved, and so has the Bishops' sound. The Freelance Bishops' family of musicians has grown to include some the area's most talented, and the newest incarnation of the group is again raising the bar in true Bishops' style. Now a mainstay in the Boston scene, the Bishops have really made a name for themselves with regular stints at such area venues as the former House of Blues, the Middle East, Johnny D's, Toad, and the Lizard Lounge. Turn on your radio in Boston and you're likely to hear the Bishops on WERS 88.9 FM, where they have made several live performances on air and have been in regular rotation on "The Jazz Oasis".

With an enthusiastic spirit for increasing their audience, the Freelance Bishops have been making regular treks out of beantown to hit some of the best rooms in the northeast and beyond. From NYC to Colorado, their touring experience has stirred up the status quo of the jam-band circuit and left audiences across the country eager to have the Bishops back. With their roots in Boston and two national tours under their belts, the Freelance Bishops are expanding their reach and broadening their musical horizons.